Gel Picks: The Six Most Interesting Holiday Ad Campaigns

The holiday season – it’s a time to pause, reflect on the year behind us and make plans for the year ahead. It’s also a time to share and create cherished memories with family and friends who are dear. And, oh yes, it’s also apparently a time to buy things. Enter the holiday ad campaign.

We’ve collected six festive ads that have caught our attention. Whether they are bright and cheerful, a little strange or have a surprise twist ending (who doesn’t love that?), they are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

1.) KD’s 12 Dees of Christmas

If you’ve ever wanted to see Dee Snider wearing a toque and putting maple syrup on Kraft Dinner, the 12 Dees of Christmas has you covered. A festive partnership between KD and Twisted Sister’s frontman, we’re not entirely sure what some of the 12 Dees have to do with the holidays, but we are sure that Snider really loves his KD.


2.) Stella’s Retro Christmas

At Gel Creative, we’re suckers for anything retro and Mad Man-esque. That’s why we’re still loving Stella’s retro inspired holiday print ads from 2010. There’s just something undeniably cool about the look and feel of this ad, as well as the simple “originally crafted for the holidays” tagline that adds to it’s appeal and longevity. It definitely has us inspired to throw our own retro holiday bash at the office. How hard do you think it would be to recreate that tree?

3.) Edeka’s Christmas Controversy

Chances are, you’ve likely heard of this controversial holiday ad from German company Edeka in which an older gentleman fakes his own death in order to bring his family together. It’s a pretty divisive little spot, with some claiming that the ad simply takes it too far, while others feel that it’s a sweet reminder that the holiday season is the perfect time to spend with the ones you love. We tend to side with the latter interpretation and love the heart-warming surprise ending.


4.) Mayonnaise Santa from Hellman’s

Oh look…it’s just some mayonnaise on a spoon. No wait…’s…SANTA! We appreciate this clever Christmas ad from Hellman’s mayonnaise, in which the company officially claims that Hellmann’s is the only mayonnaise for Christmas. It’s questionable whether mayonnaise is a Christmas staple or not, but this ad’s attention-grabbing and fun tone makes it an effective holiday promotion for the company.


5.) Nespresso’s O’ Coffee Tree

Another advertisement that falls into the category of everyday objects made to look all Christmas-y like, here’s a clever ad from Nespresso. In this offering, regular ol’ coffee cups magically transform into a Christmas tree (but only if you really believe) . And, seriously, nothing could be better than a tree made up of a whole bunch of coffee.


6.) A Very Pizza Christmas from Domino’s

We stand corrected.

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