Top Ten Stories from 2015 According to our Twitter Feed

A New Year means looking forward, but also looking back. Reviewing the top news stories that started conversations here in our Gel studio, we had a tough time narrowing it down to our top 10 of 2015. After some debate and consideration, here is our list of what we thought were the 10 most memorable twitter share-worthy moments of 2015.

10.) The Next Generation Gets Creative

We were so excited to see that a 19 year old university student designed and won a logo contest for Canada’s 150th year. Encouraging the next generation to #getcreative is something we stand behind and advocate for, so it was a no brainer to us that this story was going to make our list!

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9.) The World Meets Pluto, Up Close & Personal

One small step for humankind… It is always cool to experience and see things for the first time, which is why it was such an exciting moment this year when NASA sought out to get the closest, first ever photo of Pluto.

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8.) Barrie Participates in the Pan Am Games

We were all excited to have the Pan Am Games hosted right in our backyard this summer, but what made the experience even more exciting was that the torch travelled all around the area, making a stop in Barrie that made everyone feel a little Canadian pride.

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7.) The Storm of the Century

How can anyone forget the crazy snow storm we experienced last year?! It sure had all of us worried to get behind the wheel. But how cool is this photo that Dana Walton captured with her camera showing the storm creeping in from the water in Downtown Barrie?




6.) Hootsuite Jumps on the Instagram Bandwagon

Finally, after so many conversations about how much easier our social scheduling lives would be if we could pre schedule Instagram posts, Hootsuite goes and does the incredible. This 2015 story was certainly one we loved.

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5.) Adele Reappears and Breaks the Internet

After a few years of not hearing from her, Adele came back and made a huge splash. With her single “Hello” seriously breaking the internet, and her new album becoming the number one album within seconds of being released and selling a ridiculous amount of copies.

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4.) This Stay at Home Dad Wins Christmas

It is no surprise that we honour and praise any story that truly sets the bar for creativity. This stay at home dad did something so incredibly creative that we couldn’t resist sharing, and kicked ourselves for not thinking to do it first!

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3.) Martels Last Date Tour

After years performing together, local band The Martels decided that 2015 was going to be their last year. We have had a partnership with them over the years, and we were sad to hear they wouldn’t be playing anymore sets at Kempenfest or other shows in the area. Their Last Date Tour was one of their best, truly making them go down in history.

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2.) A New Site for Gel

As we all know, sometimes it is hard to put yourself first, especially when you have other clients/projects to work on. But we made a goal for ourselves last year that 2015 would be the year we launched a new site for ourselves .. we were so excited to follow through with our goals and put together this bad ass site!

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1.) Jays Fever

Of course this makes our top story from 2015, we couldn’t have been prouder of our boys in blue (although we think green might look good on them?!) We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to the table! Honorary mention here to #JosesBatflip, cause that was a pretty epic moment.

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Do you have a favourite story from 2015 that we didn’t capture in this list? Share it with us on social media using the hashtags #GetCreative #GelYearInReview