Meridian Place

Considered to be a key catalytic project in the continued development of Downtown Barrie, the Meridian Place/Memorial Square required a strategic approach in the area of stakeholder engagement and community outreach.

Initially, we were tasked with the development of a capital campaign brand identity which we called the Centre of the City campaign. The purpose was to call the community’s attention to the exciting new central gathering space in the heart of Barrie’s downtown that was being funded by a unique public, private partnership with the City of Barrie. The specific call to action was two fold; to raise the awareness and public support for the project and second, to launch into a fundraising campaign to help the BIA meet it’s $1.2 million dollar objective. Incidentally, we were successful in far surpassing both objectives.

Inspiration for the campaign brand mark came from the pre-construction concept drawings for the new space. A multi-tiered layout that gradually slopes towards the lakeshore is a hallmark of the project design and as such, is captured in the brush stroke elements of the mark.

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