During our continued partnership with Kenmore Canada, we’ve had the opportunity to help this ‘heritage’ brand expand their product appeal and transition to a younger customer demographic.

Creating a yearly, bilingual product catalogue and training guide used as a selling tool by Kenmore sales associates, we elected to use bold, fresh colours and emphasize the cutting-edge technologies featured in the Kenmore product line. Supplemental to this selling tool, the Kenmore associates website was also created with the goal of providing associates with the information they need through an easy to navigate, accessible and user-friendly interface. As an additional tool, informational videos in both French and English were also included as a main component of this website.

Beyond providing Kenmore sales associates with the information they need, we also wanted to find a way to let the products ‘speak for themselves’. To accomplish this, we designed and created innovative Point of Purchase Display decals. Featured on the actual appliance or product, these decals provided another avenue to describe and promote the various features and benefits of Kenmore products.

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