Four Things to do This Morning to Inspire Creative Thinking

We’ve all had those mornings. Tired and groggy, you wake up feeling anything but inspired and when you don’t feel inspired, it’s hard to be creative and, ultimately, productive. So how can you make your mornings a little more inspirational? If you are wondering how to beat the ‘blahs’ and get creative, here are four things you can do to help inspire creative thinking.

1.) Switch up your routine

Doing the same things everyday can very easily lead to feeling like you are stuck in a rut. In fact, research shows that habitual activities can actually diminish your brain’s effectiveness. To switch off auto-pilot, trying changing your morning routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make any grandiose, large scale changes. Even simple, small modifications to your morning routine can lead to feeling a little more inspired. You may consider trying a new breakfast cereal, biking or walking to work instead of driving, or listening to a genre of music you don’t typically listen to while you prepare for the day ahead. These simple changes will help to alleviate any feelings of monotony and even potentially give you a new perspective.

2.) Google it

The internet is surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) full of inspiration. From motivational quotes, interesting articles, novel ideas, podcasts and videos, there’s lots of creativity to explore and derive inspiration and motivation from. Use the first ten or fifteen minutes at your desk to listen to a TedTalk, read an interesting, industry specific article or even just browse the art feature on the Art Gallery of Ontario website. You could even share your inspirational finds with co-workers to help spread the creative vibes.

3.) Try a new skill

Inline with switching up your morning routine, trying a new skill can also help to diminish any uninspired feelings. Always had an interest in graphic design? Look for a tutorial online showing you the ins and outs of Photoshop. Love to learn more about website development? There are many online tutorials, as well as classes dedicated to teaching coding skills to beginners.

3.) Spend some time outside

We’re big nature fans at Gel Creative and feel that nature and the outdoors is an undeniable source of inspiration. If you can, take some time in the morning to spend outdoors. This could include walking to work or even taking a few, brief minutes to take some deep breaths outside before starting your day. Whatever the case, it will help you to feel more energized, inspired and, ultimately, more creative and productive.

Switching up your routine, searching for inspiration online, trying a new skill and spending time outdoors are all great ways to feel a little more inspired and a little more creative. They are also really simple things that you can easily incorporate in your morning routine.

We’re interested in learning the things that you do when you’re lacking inspiration. How do you get creative? Share your thoughts with us using the hashtag #getcreative.