Central South Regional Stroke Network

Expanding our healthcare clientele through collaboration with the Central South Regional Stroke Network was an exciting process for Gel. With the understanding that providing knowledge and resources regarding stroke awareness, prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation is an important way to ensure ‘Fewer Strokes, Better Outcomes’, we wanted to focus on conveying this information in a cohesive, accessible and user-friendly way.

In order to achieve this goal, we designed and developed a responsive website that is essentially divided into two distinct components: a public section intended for patients and caregivers and a separate section for health care practitioners. For the public facing section of the website, a layered approach that guides users through the different stages of a stroke allows users to easily find the information that pertains directly to their needs. A separate component of the website intended for those in the healthcare field, will address the knowledge and best practice information needs of healthcare professionals, who can then pass this information on to their patients.

While ensuring that patients and caregivers could easily find the information they needed, we also wanted to approach the project in an innovative way, steering away from the typical ‘look and feel’ often found in the healthcare field. Bold colours, a striking logo and a layered approach to the design of the new website allowed us to do just that.

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